Wendy Went From Back Injury To Triathlon In Just 72 Hours

triathlonIt was the day before Wendy was scheduled to leave town to compete in the Beach To Battleship half Iron Man triathlon in Wilmington. She made the mistake of trying to lift a lawn mower into a van by herself and injured her back.

“I thought there was no chance of competing in the triathlon that Saturday,” said Wendy.

She called Graham Claytor, the director of the physical therapy department at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, to explain her situation. Graham had treated Wendy previously for piriformis syndrome and plantar fasciitis. He told her to come in immediately.

“Graham and the physical therapy team worked on me for about an hour, then told me that if I ice my back regularly and stretch the heck out of it, I should be able to race on Saturday,” said Wendy.

Not only did Wendy compete in the triathlon two days later, but she finished in fifth place for overall female masters, and second in her age group.

Wendy continued physical therapy sessions to recover from her injury with a multimodal approach that included functional stretching, dry needling, Graston technique and manual treatments to her hips, pelvis and back. Physical therapy made it possible for her to “actively rest.” This meant the pain, inflammation and mechanical corrections could be addressed while she was also able to prepare for her race.

“Our goal is to help athletes continue to train while dealing with their anatomical issues in order to minimize time lost in preparation for an upcoming event or race,” said Graham.

“I could not have raced that weekend without physical therapy from Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates,” said Wendy. “They are the best!”

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